clapping1This month, we’re following the themes of renewal and rebirth. What, do you think the arts aren’t going to make it? Come on. Let’s believe in the future. You can do it.

This month features a series of white papers that focus on making success happen. Click on Arts Marketing 09. Enjoy! It works.

One response to “April

  1. Edward Wolverton

    In the interest of religion, or some business that might have a tax exempt status for reasons of non-profit/ where there might be concidered a great windfall of monies- now tax exempt…who actually gains by these non profit organisations not paying taxes , and in turn making millions of dollars tax free??? This money must go into someone’s pocket, or re – invested into some type of order to make the money disapear.
    Why not place a bill into effect where the American Artist can claim tax exempt status, at least this would be an honest- and worthy cause for the artists in this country to gain structure in dealing with prominant ussues that history might demand of them. I fall by the wayside trying to create art in my own time and fashion with very little money to work with, or invest into more direct forms of structure for myself or my work. I have need for God, Home, and Country to back me up when I am down, to pick me up, and help me create my art for these visions of history. Most artist are silent on this matter, making little =if any money, to keep the arts alive in this country. We as artist, cannot live of the hopes, the desire to create, without the help of other structure. Make this become an act to help create art, and to envision our future’s creative funding, helping ourselves to help art become a beautiful thing in today’s world. Give prosper where it is due, and not to fundamental religious order that is created for montary gain, or these non-profit organisations who prosper without giving a single penny back to the people who gave them free course of tax freedom. We need to re-structure our values to ourselves, to our country, and to our God. We are weak in stucture, because we cannot comprehend the meaning of tax based non profit organisations…and how they prosper by non taxed based funds. As an individual tax payer, and an artist, I am sore displeased over the waste of time and money In our country, and it must be re-organised by a structure of true intent. We as Americans, must give ourselves a working order of taxed base freedom.

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