America’s Treasures Need You, Now!

Interest in America’s historic buildings, places, streets and landmarks has dwindled for years. Many say that after the Bicentennial high point of national pride in Revolutionary War-period America, it has been one long downhill for American history.

Nothing could more unfortunately symbolize our nation’s declining value for America’s heritage and historic sites than the President’s proposed Federal Budget for 2011. As a part of the President’s cost savings for the domestic budget, he has proposed completely eliminating funding for Save America’s Treasures and its related educational and outreach program, Preserve America. He stated in so doing that the programs “weren’t working well.” The White House officially said that the programs lack performance metrics so their outcomes are not clear.

The last time America’s history and historic preservation was so threatened at the Federal level was in the early 1980s.

Why should you care?

How about the American Flag, the one tattered and torn that flew through the night and inspired our National Anthem? It was saved by Save America’s Treasures.

How about Ellis Island? Saved, after long dismal years of neglect, by Save America’s Treasures.

How about Valley Forge? The lessons in courage in the founding of America. Saved, by Save America’s Treasures.

How about Cannery Row of John Steinbeck’s vivid telling? Saved, by Save America’s Treasures.

How about those Main Street projects that have transformed small town America? Saved, by Save America’s Treasures.

How about the list of the most threatened sites in America?

The unique and nearly lost ironwork of Galveston Island. Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece Unity Temple, falling apart from decay and lack of funding. They’re just a few of the most threatened of 2009. A few more years’ decay and they will truly be history. Knocked out of a chance for Federal funding to spur a match, their chances for survival are vastly diminished, and will no doubt cost a great deal more to restore in future decades.

As for the idea that Save America’s Treasures and Preserve America are not “working well?” Every Save America’s Treasures project requires a FULL match in non-Federal dollars. The Preserve America communities that get a nod of recognition usually go on to build a vibrant new economic base through their realized historic revivals. By any measure, it would be beyond comprehension to say that these don’t work well.

Did the two programs actually do enough to count, some might ask? To date, they have been directly responsible for saving 1200 of America’s treasures in all 50 states.

Do these programs hurt America’s tax payers? Never have. They were to be funded in perpetuity by a percent of the revenues of offshore oil and gas leases on the Outer Continental Shelf. But this is to be robbed by the proposed White House budget bill, to be used for other purposes other than the intended and federally mandated “preservation of ecosystems, buildings, collections and objects” that have national significance.

The proposed cuts will also dramatically impact our country’s National Heritage Area funding: the President has proposed a 50% cut. What are National Heritage Areas? A program of the National Park Service, National Heritage Areas are those that tell the vital stories of America, places like Buffalo’s Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor, or the Yuma Crossing of the Colorado River, a gathering place for over 500 years, (and now, an important wetlands restoration project. The Hudson River Heritage Corridor, the historic whaling port of New Bedford, and the Northern Rio Grande were all vitally helped toward restoration and preservation through the NHA funds.

America has long been described a country that doesn’t value its art. Now, it appears we have come one step closer to being a country that also doesn’t value our history and the heritage of our land.

Can we afford to let this happen?


4 responses to “America’s Treasures Need You, Now!

  1. I appreciate your bringing this to the attention of your readers. Before reading your post, I had no idea that the proposed budget eliminates funding for Save America’s Treasures, and as a worker at a historic 1928 movie palace, it is a project near and dear to my heart. I’ll be sure to pass this information along.

  2. For all the waste and duplication of effort in Washington, one would think that there would be plenty of places to cut that would not endanger America’s Historic Properties and artifacts.

    Speak up America! Our personal history is tied up in these cuts – and once something is gone, it is gone for good. No one can rebuild an historic property – they need to be preserved and maintained in perpetuity!

    • Thanks Karen, and Kylie, for your support. We all need to work together to get some traction for this. Strikes me there is a sense that the private sector, alone, can take care of our historic properties. But there is proof that the Save Americas Treasures grants – requiring a full 1-1 match – stimulate action and create an urgency that is very important. It is also vitally important that our Federal Government demonstrate its commitment to our American history and artifacts. Is there another country anywhere in the world that has stopped all support – limited as it may be – for historic preservation and care/preservation of artifacts? Is there any other country in the world that has demonstrated the importance of preserving important land areas (i.e. places like Yuma Crossing), setting an example to other countries? And there is more at stake. Congress created an important “dedicated” revenue stream for preservation when it set up the funding mechanism for Save Americas Treasures, because it figured dedicated funding would be necessary to support history and heritage over the years and the many budget grabs that are out there. If this is permanently robbed, will there be another chance in the future? Doubtful. Karen, please do all you can to bring the historic theatres of America and their many fans to this discussion! Many thanks.

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