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Caught in the Middle: Presenters and the 2010 season

“50 is the new 40” in the booking world of the performing arts. And we’re not talking age. From the looks of artist fees, you’d never know there was even the hint of recession, much less an economic downturn. You want a name artist who can sell out the house? Plan on spending ten grand more this year than last.

But don’t plan on charging your customers for the difference.

Be prepared to market more, charge the same or less, and – yes, program less. Offer more moderately priced easy family fare to offset those big ticket events. Subsidize your series more than ever before.

Unless, of course, the field as a whole rose up and said “NO!!!” to the inflationary fees artists and entertainers are charging – fees with no relationship to reality. As long as everyone pays, though, expect business as usual, only more expensive. Hmmm. Will we ever see “30 is the new 40?”